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A semi-viscous skin conditioner specially formulated with low molecular weight Moroccan Cactus Ferment Filtrate to help balance skin’s pH and provide deep, long-lasting hydration.  Huxley’s exclusively developed Moroccan Cactus Ferment Filtrate helps skin absorb water from moisturizes, creams, and mists more deeply into the skin.  Lightly fragranced with Huxley’s signature Moroccan Gardener scent inspired by a lush Moroccan garden oasis.

How it feels

Absorbs quickly, Refreshes skin and replenishes dehydrated skin, Refines skin texture for a gentle glow

Main ingredients

Moroccan Cactus Ferment Filtrate

Cactus Ceramide NP

How to use

Recommended for : all skin types

  • After cleansing, apply a few pumps of Conditioning Essence in your palm and spread across the face, gently pat skin until fully absorbed.  A second layering application can help for dry areas. 

  • After waiting a short time to absorb, the Conditioning Essence has now prepped your skin to better absorb any moisturizer, serum, or mist deep within skin.

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Developed Exclusively for Huxley

Skin conditioning, humectant / moisture absorption, skin barrier protection



Developed Exclusively for Huxley.

Skin barrier strengthening, Deep Hydration

The low pH Conditioning Essence can replace Toner; Extract It.  If you use Toner with a cotton pad, Conditioning Essence should be used third.  We recommend that you do not use Conditioning Essence with a pad.


Clinical trials have shown improved moisture retention by the skin after just two weeks.  *Measured by Trans Epidural Water Loss after two weeks of use against control groups.

Beyond hydration, the natural fermentation process releases essential flavonoids and proteins with skin benefitting antioxidants and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and improves elasticity.  The fermentation process improves pro-collagen biosynthesis to improve skin’s texture and appearance.

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Moroccan cactus stem is fermented in a natural, eco-friendly process.  This natural process breaks down the cactus stem into smaller water-soluble molecules excellent at absorbing and retaining water.  Similar to hyaluronic acid, Huxley’s Cactus Ferment Filtrate absorbs and retains water easily.  The low molecular weight allows the skin to quickly and deeply absorb the Cactus Ferment Filtrate for superior deep hydration.


Cactus-Ceramide NP is naturally produced from cactus oil from the Moroccan prickly pear cactus.  This natural ceramide contains complex ceramides with essential fatty acids easily absorbed by the skin.  The ceramide complex helps restore the skin’s natural defensive barrier and mimics the skin’s natural lipid barriers. Skin protection and restoration from the ceramide complex is the ultimate defense to aging skin.

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Dermatologically Tested

Hypoallergenic (Patch Testing)    |   Hydration (2 week test; Improvement up to 2.5 mm skin deep)    |    Moisture Retention (2 week test; Trans Epidermal Water Loss Test)

Results may vary depending on the individual's skin condition